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About Us




As a company we pride ourselves on our attention to detail; tailoring every part of our services to meet your individual requirements. Our consistent dedication to excellence has helped place us at the forefront of event innovation and ensures that our clients return to us time and time again.

Our team guarantee your guests will experience the wow factor it deserves with how your event looks, sounds and more important; how your event feels. From initial consultation, our team will deliver 100% excellence...with just a hint of magic!

Let us unlock your imagination and help create one of a kind, memorable & truly inspiring events throughout Aotearoa. Learn how we at Lux Productions can transform your next event space into a thriving, unique and breathtaking stage to showcase exactly what you want by arranging a free, no-hassle consultation with our team today.


Our boutique services include: 

• Bespoke lighting production

• Innovative rigging and truss structures

• Event research, design, implementation and management

• Audio systems suitable for 10 to 10,000 guests

• Tailored event themes

• LED walls and custom media content

And so much more...


“When people ask what makes us special, the only answer is very simple, it’s our people. Our team is what makes us strong, unique and different. Striving for excellence & with every single one of a kind show our team, our experience & confidence has grown to a level that we now produce events for the International Stage. A level that is solely down to our incredible team that provide exceptional products and services to our clients.”

James Jefford, Creative director & owner

Our team


James Jefford

Creative Director & Head Designer

James is the heart and soul of every Lux Productions event. From start to finish, he's dedicated to making your event one to remember using his experience and organisation to make sure every detail is met. Starting in theatrical lighting at the age of 11, he has nearly 2 decades of experience in events covering concerts, large scale tours and roadshows, corporate events, weddings, product and press launches plus thousands of other events nationally and internationally.

James’ passion is lighting and creating that ‘goose bumps’ feeling when an event is set up, ready to go and the guests are walking in with their breath taken away. He strives for excellence and aims to to create a boutique event for his clients on every event he manages.

James’ other hobbies include his family and much loved Golden Retriever, Forrest & supporting West Ham United.

Michael Madziva

Michael Madziva

account manager

Michael started in the event industry in 2009 and now specifically works on understanding and translating clients visions into reality and striving for perfection every time. His role sees him take care of all aspects of an event from start to finish. Staying in touch and working very closely with clients and their team to deliver any unique requirements in the weeks leading up to the event.

On the rare occasion Michael is a guest to an event, his main focus is the atmosphere, he wants "to be transported to another world, it doesn't matter how long you are there for, you want it to be magic."

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James began shooting professionally in 2011 and soon found his passion – capturing memorable images of nightlife and events. James has a mission to take photos that freeze a special moment in time. He also knows these moments may never be repeated, so he goes the extra mile to compose images that make sure Lux Production events will never be forgotten.

“I enjoy shooting with Lux Productions because they construct outstanding events using a creative atmosphere of light and vibrancy that helps emphasise the images I take, producing outstanding results.”



Jabel Martin


A true gem in the event industry, Jabel has a natural talent for logistics and working towards the best and most efficient way of getting the job done, done safely and done quickly. With nearly 5 years of event rigging experience, Jabel prefers the behind the scene side of our shows and loves plugging cables in (his words... "It's soothing"). He loves transforming both our clients dreams and James J's crazy ideas and visions into reality and bringing the whole event to life.

As we grow, Jabel will begin leading more of our national & international shows and become an Account Manager. 



ian mexted-dykes


Ian is one of the legends of the event industry, with over 25 years experience the skill and attention to detail this master craftsman has is second to none! Specially designing, creating, manufacturing and installing one of a kind theming props is Ian's specialty and is always done with a huge smile on his face. 

Ian believes that "creating a theme transforms even the most basic of locations into a breath taking setting. It gives your event synergy and will add a new dimension to the experience"